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Within 10 minutes of any online forum exchange, some twat will always write "Don't feed the troll".

The twat in question is always either:

1) Some silly old turd who has been using the Internet since 1993 and thinks there are still only about 12 people on it.

2) Some clueless middle-class mum with too much time on her hands and to whom everyone else in the world (apart from her children, Jake and Florence) is a "troll".
SeanHunter: "I think the constant rolling news format of the TV media tends to turn serious cases like the McCann kidnapping or the Venables prison recall into circuses...."

Twat: "Don't feed the troll, people"

SeanHunter: "Ah there it is... Hunter's First Law of the Internet. And in record time, you twat."
by SeanHunter February 21, 2011
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