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Pronounced: (hun-gree-hoe) -emphasis on (hun) sound.
also: (un-gri-oh) -silent (h) -emphasis on (gri) sound.

Often provocative or offensive.
1.) An abnormally slim woman*.

2.) A woman who will do anything to climb a social or corporate ladder**.

*Used as a derogatory term for any woman who is thin, petite, or slight of frame. Most commonly utilized by large, or larger than normal women to make themselves feel superior.

**Used with both positive and negative connotation for a woman who is, 1) willing to work hard for what she wants; or who is, 2) willing to perform lewd acts for money.
Example 1:

Female#1: "Hey girl, look at that bony bitch over there!"
Female #2: "Why don't you eat something, hungryho?"

Example 2:

Male #1: "Hey man, my girl is lazy as hell!"
Male 2: "Well, you need to find yourself a hungryho."
by V. M. Khan April 03, 2009
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