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1)The primal urge a woman gets deep within her clitoral vortex of sensory nerves that make her feel so carnally depraved that she seeks fulfillment in shady bars and clubs, having sex with any and every guy willing to wet their willie in the lustful lass. Her hunger goes unsatisfied as no one penis can fulfill her cockticious craving. Eventually, she may even summon up enough men to be the focal point of an all-night gangbang. Hungry Kitty isn’t satisfied until she’s been pumped full of so much man milk it leaks out and pools on the bed, gently grazing the satisfied lips of the appeased pussy.

2) When yo’ bitch want some dick.
“A Hungry Kitty will make any man seem purr-fect.” – Benjamin Franklin
by theinstigator June 03, 2016
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