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Humofact (noun) - describes what was said by someone to be not clear weather it was just humor or a fact. People often joke around about things that actually are true, but don't want to say straight forward. After a humofact other person, or group of them is left in unknowingness weather it was truth for a fact with a funny side to it, or was it just a joke that is not the truth at all.

It's fun to give people such humofacts for them to think about themselves. Much can be said through humofacts, while still hiding something.
-Oh this is such a nice gift, where did you get this?!
-I stole it, hehehe.
-Really? you stole it?
-I won't tell weather it is true or is this just a joke. It's humofact for you, dear.
-Oh well...

-So, Dexter, what do you enjoy doing on your free time?
-Killing serial killers, usually. (this part was true, but told as a joke - that's why it's humofact.)
-Yeah sure.. It's fine with me if you don't want to tell. Want to go to concert this weekend?

-Michael, what is this ring, is this like a wedding ring?
-No, I just spend my months payment for it, and no it is not a wedding ring. -Was said with a following smile, and silence afterwards.
-Are you joking? That's one more of your humofacts...
by Vaidas Sarce January 12, 2012
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