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(Noun) A high preference for anyone Middle eastern fully or partially (Arab, Turk, Israeli, Iranian etc.) by anyone non-middle eastern. Similar to the slang “Yellow Fever”, except Yellow Fever involves Asians. Hummus is a delicacy found in the middle east, is growing in popularity in western countries, and probably one of the first things that come to mind about the middle east (aside from terrorism) can be hummus. In the context of sexual preferences, the word “fever” is used to describe a high preference or an obsession, hence the term Hummus Fever.
Brett: Oh man, I really wann hookup with Jasmine, my coworker.
Mike: You may wanna ease down bro, you’ve been talking about her for the past couple months
Brett: You have know idea how smoking hot she is. Her dark hair, olive skin, and her voluptuous figure remind me of one of those sexy belly-dancers from Saudi Arabia.
Mike: Jesus, Brett... You really should tame your Hummus Fever.
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by lukashenho_ January 03, 2018
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