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a) A word that expresses the blank or unusual stare of curiosity, confusion, or examination.

b) A deep word used to express when you are in extensive thought.

c) A word to create dramatization to a situation: ex. (DUN, DUN, DUUUNNN....)
Joe Pete: Hey Russell Bob are you going to visit the Tuna Kingdom today?

Russell Bob: Humchum....... I will DESTROY the Tuna Kingdom and capture Jane Pete! Muahaha....

Joe Pete: Noooooo!!
by MICHAMICH January 07, 2010
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A person who hums a tune/song while inside a public bathroom stall for the single purpose of trying to anger all the other people in the bathroom. They are known to hum either a rock song due to the loud volume of the song and the fast tempo, and songs popular on the internet.
There was a Hum Chum at the gym humming the Kirby theme, I think he was beat up by 5 people when he got out.
by The Mad Chuska August 10, 2017
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