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From the roots, defend + human; Humanitarian Defense is the taking of proactive action to defend human rights and the lives and well being of people. Humanitarian defense actions go beyond simply providing aid, medical treatment and supplies to victims, they take action to prevent and/or reverse the actions that caused the victimization. These actions may take the form of the direct protection of people, the building of programs and offering support to people/governments on the verge of victimization and bold actions to help victims recover from derogatory events. Term credited to the international non-profit, non-governmental organization; Humanitarian Defense Inc.
A Humanitarian Defense operation is one in which an organization, group or government intervenes on behalf of a group of innocent people that are being attacked, victimized or killed and takes direction action to stop said actions.


An organization provides direct support of missions designed to defend, protect, support or rebuild the lives of innocent people of groups of people.
by KarlC January 08, 2010
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