Humancentric hu.maan.sen.trik

1. to hear, understand, move and acknowledge our nature with calm, empathy and nurturing thought that releases intelligent compassion in the world

2. deviating from typical mundane social behaviors; an intentional approach to life and living that is highly considerate of the ramifications of one's ripple upon the pond of life.

Humancentric, noun
3. a person whose behaviour, personality or set of beliefs reflects a state of living and being that is in constant evolution as awareness of one's movement and action upon other people

4. a social construct that is deliberate in design and development to equitably address human need without prejudice or harm to any person or the world.

Humancentricity, adj
Humancentric adj;
1. Michael is humancentric; he clearly is prudent in his actions among his coworkers and they clearly benefit from his counsel and are inspired by his example.

2. Humancentric economics cannot exist in a free market where special interest groups or persons are permitted to manipulate the market.

Humancentric noun;
3. A humancentric cannot govern from the political right or the political left; a humancentric seeks only to govern their life in the most altruistic sense.
by a'Ali de Sousa June 26, 2012
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