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1. (adjective) A person(s) who is covered in jizz often and looks like a human jizzball
2. (noun) A person(s) who is filled with jizzball which clumps up inside of them creating a ball of sticky white jizz.

From the Latin word "humaina jizzybailo"
BRENDA: "Hey Sally have you seen Ryan lately? "
SALLY: "OMG yes! He looks like such a human Jizzball"
BRENDA: "He must be doing bukkake at the gay clubs again!"

MIKE: "Yo Nigel! I came so much in Stacy last night!"
NIGEL: "You better hope your cum turns into jizzball and she doesn't get pregnant. "
MIKE: "Yeah, I can't have my girlfriend Daria finding out."
NIGEL: "Yeah, you'd be in big trouble bro! "
by DRDOOKIEGOTDAT January 28, 2015
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