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Awkward "Hello"
Derives from a normal "Hello".

Originated by Omar Mukhtar in his phone conversation with Vishnu, Alexis, and Dana when he repeatedly said "HULLOH" because he did not "want to sound weird"
Hulloh! im omar and i invented this word of awkwardness
by Turbanator from UD January 19, 2011
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Hulloh is an epic way of saying hello. It's usually followed by the most epic-est smilely face.. ':D'. Although, it's usually not understood by most people. Unless they're just kewl like that and know what you mean.
Person 1: Hulloh. :D
Person 2: ?
Person 1: Hello..

Person 2: Sup?
Person 1: -Disconnects-
by MyUnfamousFame September 23, 2009
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