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A desperately romantic Malaysian singer-songwriter based in Sydney. On good days, he carries himself with a warm gentlemanly air and has a mischievous glint in his eyes. This contrasts sharply with his gift for writing dark, melodramatic songs. On bad days he looks like a shabby, fallen aristocrat trying to scrape his mess of a life together. But all in all, he is a talented, interesting character who is helping to define a new generation of musicians and the character of Sydney as a whole.

His songs are characterized by contemporary concerns such as the post-colonial condition, urban alienation and gender identity – articulated by the growls and wails of his Epiphone Dot Studio and his oddly cigarette-burnt, yet innocent voice.
Girl 1: Oh, that's him isn't it?

Girl 2: Who?

Girl 1: Hugo Yap!

Girl 2: The guy who sounds like Townes Van Zandt and Nick Cave jamming in a shack out in the Malaysian countryside?

Girl 1: You can't even begin to describe his sound!

Girl 2: Oh shucks, I wish someone would introduce me to him!
by Dead Radio May 11, 2010
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