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Arguably the best songwriter in country music.
Most famously wrote Pancho and Lefty.

You Are Not Needed Now
Greensboro Woman
Silver Ships of Andilar
Mr. Gold & Mr. Mudd
Heavenly Houseboat Blues
Person : I will stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table and say that Townes Van Zandt is the greates songwriter in history!

Townes: I have met Bob Dylan's bodyguards, and if you think that you're going to stand on his coffee table, you are sadly, sadly mistaken.


Allison laid an egg on me
And every time I turn around
It's floating through the air above my head
Well, I told Miss Hicks and she said, "Fine,
as long as you're back in your room on time
I'll keep you clean and the girls'll keep you fed."
by AllisonLaidAnEggOnMe November 24, 2009
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