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"Once when I was seven years old I sat on a banana, and of course that changed my life." - Hugh Neutron

"Rockets are flying things." - Hugh Neutron
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by jacobjohn55 June 17, 2018
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Hugh Neutron, is in the show "Jimmy Neutron" he's the father of his 12 year old son Jimmy. Hugh Neutron is mostly known for the phrase "Wusspoppin' Jimbo" the reason why this phrase was given to him, was because he always calls his son Jimbo, rather than Jimmy. Hugh Neutron is also married to Judy Neutron. Hugh Neutron is believed to be dim-witted, but he is actually very smart, also in the show he appears very goofy having named some rubber duckies after names. Hugh Neutron's Mother, Sister, and Aunt is named Granny Neutron (What name to give to a grandma...) Kari Neutron, and Amanda Neutron.
Hugh Neutron is poppin' tonight.
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by Keemstarisagnome June 12, 2018
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