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The point in a relationship where two people are comfortable hugging wuthout awkward tension. Both parties find the opposing party tolerable and find it courteous to open their arms to the other. During these presious moments of the hug, both parties demonstrate appreciation and exceptance of the other. Aswell, both parties feel comfortable with other people seeing the hug, and feel as though, even if they are being judged by others about the hug, that they are not in a serious realtion ship. This step follows the "Sup + Head-Nodd" phase and leads on to become a "I Love You... Your my favorite, without any emotions for the other" period. Please note, that the " I Love You " is strictly on a friend to friend basis and not an actual relationship
Boy 1- Beth and Brandon are on hugging terms.

Boy 2- Does he know?
by GodsRemix May 30, 2009
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