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Population of the small town located in the middle of nowhere (just north of montreal, near ile bizard and who knows where else...) common activities of their kind include: milking cows, raising livestock from the comfort of their own backyards, participation in horse and buggy competitions, travelling great distances to feel included into today's society. Normal behavior of their species includes frequent correction of your bad Inglish (haha) as well as being overwhelmed by downtown Montreal and getting lost in such places. Employment options include working at Hudson Community Pool or Hudson Yatch Club, and that's pretty much it. There is public transportation offered every once in a while, when the horses are feeling up to it.
Hudsonite: " where the hell are we"
you: "st catherines street you amish fool!"
Hudsonite: "is there a village market where I can find carrots for my pony?"

you: "shut up you hudsonite and trot back to where ever the hell you crawled out of."
by gingerplushojab March 12, 2011
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