A small club from Kirklees surrounded by larger, more successful clubs like Bradford, Leeds and Halifax. Thought they were the dogs bollox (pun not intended) when they spent two years being whipping boys in the Premier League. Unfortunately, most of the glory boys have buggered off and now all you hear is singing about the afore mentioned bigger clubs in their sparsely populated ground and they watch the out of towners kick the bag of wind into their goal several times a game.
"Fookin ell Huddersfield Town really are shit aren't they? Time to start singing about the Bratfud bottlers and L666ds imploding again, OOOOERRR to be a Terrier!"
"Nah Relax mate, let's just go find some cocker spaniel porn and rub one out."
by SpursRShit June 26, 2023
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a crap league one team who dont know how to win a local derby. there current form is so poor that if they carry on playing the way they are there will end up in a relegation dogfight instead of a promotion push
im a huddersfield town fan but i am thinking about supporting bradford city because they are so much better then us
by peter jackson December 25, 2004
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