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A mismatched university where only the Chinese or desperate go. Go to Huddersfield if you don’t speak English as none of the locals or students do either, the locals speak ‘Yorkshire’ and pronounce their town as ‘uddersfield’ many believing this is due to the large population of cows in the area, and although most of the girls are large and smell like sh*t they are in fact not talking about udders at all and simply stupid c**ts and cannot pronounce the letter ‘H’ also, the real name for Huddersfield University is ‘THE University of Huddersfield’ yet the locals are also too thick to know the existence of the word ‘the’ too. Only good thing going for it is the fact that there is many even sh*ttier places to get pissed up around it, Leeds, Manchester, ShakeyWakey and so on so if you go to THE University of Huddersfield don’t worry you will always be drunk and have a greggs pasty in hand, just like the rest of the locals, you’ll fit right in.
Is everyone at Huddersfield university Chinese? No some are drunk too
by Izokay24 May 15, 2018
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