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Similar to the word Weeaboo, a hucketroo is a non-Western person who insanely obsesses over Western culture, usually having disregard to their own. Many hucketroos speak in broken English and Western slang (i.e. lit, bruh, dawg), and claim to have a high IQ. While hucketroos claim to love and support Western culture, counter intuitively, they tend to stereotype Western culture by how it appears in their favorite Western cartoons. Thus, disrespecting the culture. Hucketroos are not very common on the internet or In the real world, so finding one may be difficult.
If you respect Western culture and keep in touch with your own, you are not a hucketroo
Merely wanting to learn English and watching Western cartoons does not make you a hucketroo
by Coronapple August 25, 2018
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