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An asshole that induces and feeds off of your negative emotions than you spit on this asshole because of asshole doing this to you and making you feel like absolute shit throughout the day from the feeding off of the negative emotions "ALL DAY" another tool word, than ignorant asshole doesn't know what's up with you or why you spit on this asshole in the first place.
Hey I'm just going to latch onto your spinal cord in the 4th dimension and scum suck negative emotions from you all day because your a lesser being. And now that you have spit on me I feel inferior/superior another Reptillian characteristic.. and now I am going to react immaturely and make this lesser being brain dead, send him to hell and turn him from a Man into a Grey. I am fucking awesome right? I have to be I am a Reptillian.. NOT! Huberous Reptillian
by It 1111 November 05, 2013
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