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First, lick your finger(s) and slide slowly into your pussy. Rub around to make sure you are fully wet. When fully wet, find either the clit or gspot, whichever you prefer. I like clit better. Rub your finger(s) in a slow circular motion around it. Change speeds and even directions. Tease yourself, play with your nipples, or bring yourself to breakpoint and back off. I like it slow and hard. After you bring yourself to an awesome orgasm, keep going, doing this, I've accomplish 8 orgasms in a row.

WHo needs a man???

Guys not leaving you out. Place your hand at the bottom of your shaft. Like females you can change speeds as well. Go up and down, faster at first then so down. Rub your balls with your other hand. Do it in front of a friend. Call up one of your closest buds and both do it together. Not sound appealing? O it is, just try....
Last night when I was on the phone with my bestfriend, we told each other how to masturbate and it was awesome hearing each other moan and cum. :)
by CumDrinker August 09, 2005
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take off clothes.
spread your legs
spread lips
rub clit
have fun ;)

take off clothes
rub dick
have fun ;)
by sexybaby August 05, 2003
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How a man in prison gets off in the shower by himself
Get naked, get hard, lube your thighs, stick your hard-on between your legs, run in place until victory! Now you know How to Masturbate - Convict style
by Skin Head Peanut April 14, 2008
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