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This dish is always served rare.

The entree is when a man eats out a woman on her period. Common side dishes include:

Coleslaw, when the man gets a hand job, jizzes onto a head of cabbage feeds it to his girl.

Baked Beans, when a dude is nailing his girl doggy-style, he pushes her back down into a bowl shape and takes that type of dump that usually fills up the toilet with pebbles resembling the tooty legume.

Texas Toast, when a man brands both of his partner's ass cheeks and proceeds to tickle her chocolate starfish with his pole.
Nikhil: "Aw man, I'm really hungry for some Houston Fillet."
Neil: "Good choice, what sides are you thinking of?"
Nikhil: "I was going to go with Baked Beans and Texas Toast."
Neil: "Nah, you should go with the coleslaw instead of the Baked Beans."
Nikhil: "Sounds delicious!"
by Conor Kearns April 15, 2011
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