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The most vicious Houdini to date, this move requires the help of at least 10 Viking Warriors and a longboat.

Engage in sex doggy style, when reaching climax spit on the ladies back. When she turns to face you a viking longboat should smash through the wall and at least 10 Nordic Raiders should disembark and begin an orgy of death and destruction as they rape, pillage and plunder the unfortunate victims room.

Then Cum in her face.
-Hi Steve hows your mum?

-Not good, mate, some bastard houdini nordic raider'ed her last night!

-Shit thats not so good! (hides horned helmet behind back)

-Yeah its not too bad, she said she's had worse!

by Dan 'The Hitman' Humperdink August 30, 2007
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