Similar to the Houdini Cheesecake except this requires more people to burst into the room at the vital moment and do one of the following whilst preferable in appropriate fancy dress:

* Spiderman - do the spiderman to the girl, not forgettting the catchphase "Go web go!"
* Thor - Fling spunk on the lady off a hammer whilst proclaiming loudly "I am mighty Thor"
* Hulk - Give the girl a Houdini cheesecake and say "Puny Human"
* Thing - Same as the Hulk above except the catchphrase is "Its clobbering time"
* Wolverine - Flick spunk onto the lady from 3 fingers and growl loudly
* Daredevil - Backflip into the room and whip the girls ass with any form of whip/rope
* Captain America - Burst in and throw any shield shaped object at the lady before singing the USA national anthem with your hand on your heart

For this to be valid there must be a minimum of 3 characters that take part.
"Lads, that Houdini Marvel Omnibus stunt last nite was class, Dan's mum totally didn't expect it!"

"Yeah good job. I just need to get this green paint off. Next time someone else can be The Hulk"
by Ste Crayston March 23, 2007
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