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n~ British slang. {who-blons}
Fifty pounds sterling banknote. Named because the portrait on the reverse of the £50 note is of Sir John Houblon, the first Governor of the Bank of England in 1694.

British variation of the US slang "Benjamins".

While a new £50 note has been in circulation since 2010 showing James Watt and Matthew Boulton, John Houblon's beautiful judge's wig is always the image people know and love.
1. I've been slavin' away, bringing in the Houblons

2. It's all about the Houblons.

3. Check out this playa, waving the Houblons.

4. These threads cost me some serious Houblons
by Funi February 19, 2011
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noun, plural Houblons.

a Bank Of England fifty pound note (50 GBP), so called as it bears on its reverse side the image of Sir John Houblon, the first Governor of the Bank of England.

also used to refer to money generally, though usually in large amounts.

synonymous with the American "Benjamin" (plural "Benjamins") due to the current £ - $ exchange rate.
"Redballs, I'm low on the old Houblons, you couldn't lend me, could you?"

"Man, Imma get my Houblon on and pimp it up in the club tonight!"

"Dude, his Wallypower 118 must have cost crazy Houblons!"

"You paid two hundred pounds for that scarf!? That's like, four Houblons! Are you crazy!?"
by Lophtus "Lofty" McLøphthåüs November 08, 2007
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