A male or female that is off the charts! Very good looking.
Check out that guy over there- Nice abs, great smile, strong arms, and nice butt. He is such a hottie tottie!
by Miss Rae September 28, 2005
Something that is incredibly good.
Someone who is VERY attractive.
A Verb to describe the Act of being better than everyone in the room.

Must be spoken with an Irish,English, or Scottish Accent.
Guy: wonderful weather we're having today.

Guy 2: indeed, Very Hottie Tottie.
by Sir. C John Shtockdayle April 11, 2011
An extremely attractive person.

Originated c. 2005 by a Southern California girl and brought to the University of Oregon by another native Southern California girl.
"Muy caliente! What a hottie tottie with a naughty karate body!"
by Figurine Horse September 25, 2005
Prison Term. A concoction made for when you're sick. Usually consists of tea, cough drops, mint sticks and chlorophen mixed together and served warm.
by Pastor Bones June 30, 2019