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Come on charlie hotstep im hungry
hotstep this needs to be done
hotstep hotstep your taking to long
by Starsandfrights September 28, 2009
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(n) the two narrow trails of hair on the back of a male's neck, below the usual hairline. when shaggy and in need of trimming, these hairs may be "hot-stepping" towards the collar, or even forward towards the ears. this is the first stage towards a mullet
I need to use the clippers to trim my hot step. I've got an interview today and don't want hair coming out of my collar!
by inikamoze January 28, 2009
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Known by those who have to live in college dorms. To hot step is to use tricky footwork fast and in secession while navigating down a hall or in an elevator to avoid stepping in puke, blood, pee, shit, or whatever else plagues the walls and floor from (usually) shitfaced students.

To fail at conquering the hot step usually leads one to track unwanted mess into their pad.
Bill: God damn it, look what i stepped in! ...and i dragged it across the damn carpet.
Fred: You best master the hot step, 'specially on those damn weekends, son.
by G.Brevitt P. November 14, 2006
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