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A mobile app that lets you discover, vote for and chat with hot people in your town
This fun app is simple: you are presented with matches of two user’s profile picture, and you have to vote for the hottest one, or skip. The result of the vote influences the score of those users. You too have a score based on other users voting on you.
At the end of the voting round, you’ll see the rankings page.
This page includes the users you recently voted for, the rankings of the people in your city, and the rankings amongst your friend. It's all about the score.
You can then engage in chatting directly with those users that have the same score than you or lower. To chat with users that have a higher Hotscore, you’ll need to spend credits (virtual currency). You can earn credits in voting rounds, or you can purchase bundles of those credits.
Your will also be able to see where you stand in the rankings in your city and amongst your friends based on your score.
by jollyroger6 October 09, 2013
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