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A measuring tool that many guys use to quantitatively compare the hotness of girls on a 10 point scale. While girls may do this to, men are notorious for having consistent and somewhat harsh scales. The scale is a harsh scale, since there is no real thing as a perfect 10, and fairly attractive girls are given scores that are what they may seemingly deserve. For example, Kirsten Dunst would probably only recieve a 6.5 or 7. This is a fair rating. The minimum rating that most men would consider fucking is a 4.

A: Dude I would totally bone that chick, she's a 6.5.
B: Are you blind? She is a 4, far below fucking standards on the hotness scale.
by Larry Finster December 28, 2009
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An elaborate way to rate girls that incorporates a variety of aspects included in a woman's attractiveness. The scale is comprised of 3 numbers.

1. The female's hotness number out of 10. (5 is average and should represent the greater majority of women.)
2. Either a 1 or a 0. 1 for doable. 0 for not doable.
3. This number is only given if there was a 0 for the second criterion. This number is the blood alcohol content required to bump the lady up to a 1 on number two.

(Female passes by....)

"I'd give her a 4.6 over 0 over .09 on the hotness scale."
"Dude, really? For me, she's a 5.2 over 1."
"Nah, I'd have to be pretty bombed to mess with that."
by Tahm May 18, 2008
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a mental scale used to judge an individuals attractiveness

mainly used on women
nigga you gave her a ten yo hotness scale be broken
by assfacedickbag August 31, 2016
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