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When a guy and a girl on the bottom bunk of a bunkbed and a guy and a girl on the top bunk of a bunkbed simultaneously make out. An uncomfortably tall man with a large head wearing a bellhop hat dings the hotel lobby check-in desk bell every time the guy tries to touch the girl's honey pot. Mid-way through a Hotel Elevator, if a frenchman climbs to the top bunk and joins the upper twosome, the term no longer applies. The bellhop dings the bell three times and declares "check-out time was 30 minutes ago." Then the uncomfortably tall man dons a maid's apron and jumps into the bottom bunk.
Me and my big brother Hotel Elevatored those two chicks last night. Too bad my roommate had to come in and spoil the fun.
by Greg Maddux April 22, 2007
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