H.O.T.E. = Hard On The Eyes. Someone so nasty it's hard to look at them.
"Hey yo, do you think Brittany is hot?"

"No way man! That bitch is HOTE"
by KelNu Chi Town May 21, 2009
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Word created on 03/07/2021, it talks about a type of top man that likes putting toys in his asshole, he is a top, but he accepts other guys putting their fingers in his asshole and/or he lets guys sucking his asshole and/or he sucks cocks too.
A hote is not a crorv, both are tops, but they are not equal.

- What's your arthor?

- I am a top.
- But are you a crov or a hote?
- A hote, and you?
- I am a crorv, like Thor.
by Norse_Thor March 7, 2021
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