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A Hot Carl on the Cobb is when partner number one begins by eating only corn giblets for a full day (for softer stool use creamed corn). Then, partner number 1 spreads their ass cheeks and takes a big steamy poo on partner #2's face, which can be lovingly covered in (optional) saran wrap. The schmear is then rubbed around the face with plastic cutlery until it's margarine spread consistency. If the corn/poo is not the desired consistency, Partner number one jerks off partner number two onto his own face, to add a more creamy base. Then, Partner 1 rolls his dick in the corn poo till fully covered. Partner #2 then nibbles away at the corn/poo mixture until the cobb has been picked clean.
At our last family reunion, Uncle John didn't have any of Aunt Bessie's famous cream pie, because he was stuffed to the brim with Uncle Bill's Hot Carl on the Cobb.
by Mid-temp Karl 69 November 23, 2016
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