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The general idea is to instantly vaporise the small balls of pot between to very hot plates without any combustion.

In my area it's always been blades but in other its hot rats.

using two heated blades to smoke pot or hash.
Hash is rolled into little balls and scooped up and held between two blades. Sometimes small ammounts of saliva or water is added to the balls. The balls are then vaporised almost instantly by the red hot metal. Smoke is then inhaled usually with a hooter of some kind. Those who do not use hooters can be spotted by a mark on their lips from "kissing the blade". There are two main methods for this #1 each person holds their hooter with their teeth/lips and serves themselves their blades #2 a server stands in a central location and serves allowing others to have a hand free on the hooter or even use larger hooters. I have never seen the second method result in a burn, I have never seen the first method not eventually result in a burn. When you serve yourself you cannot see the blades as they get closer to your mouth. This is how people end up kissing the blade.

This is sometimes also called "Blades" or even "rat tails"
A stovetop can be used, bunsen burners are ideal. Hot plates are very difficult but can work. Everything from modified spoons and kitchen knives may be used but all thats needed is two peices of metal that fit together snugly and have insulated handles.

The term "blade" or "rat" may reffer to the rolled balls. Blade also refers to the hot knives or the act itself.
Keep in mind Blades and hot rats are interchangable only in reference to the rolled balls of hash or the act itself. the knives are called "the blades" or "the hot knives". The term for the act itself is Hot rats or Blades but you never hear both used or interchanged in any way. They are blades or they are rats. Most people who have heard one have never heard the other term.

"lets go smoke some (Hot rats or Blades)"

"Ru up for some (Hot rats or Blades)?"

"jesus its hot in here dude how long have you been standing there doing blades?"

"Blades take as long as they take"

"I think you rolled these blades too big man"

is the same as
"I think you rolled those rats to big man"

"damn that was a huge blade, dude, I need to sit down"

"When is the last time you cleaned these blades man? they've got yellow/white ash all over them!" - this would only be in reference to the actual kives, never put water on them when they're hot, they'll rust and start giving hell hoots from satan's own asshole

"We must stop this sesh, the blades are killing me"

"I got one of those new fangled sissy stoves, so now I cant do blades"

"shit man the only way we could smoke in jail was doing hot rats in the kitchen off the stove, they had smoke detectors EVERY damn where"

"Dude if you cannot stop kissing the blades maybe I should serve for you"

"shit man that blade kiss looks like herpes"
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