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A term used to describe an apartment that, despite being located in a temperate climate and is equipped with air conditioning, is africa-hot 24/7. Like most sexually transmitted diseases, one is not aware of this disease while viewing the apartment, but rather experience it after sleeping in it one time.

Typically even when you find the source of the heat, there's no way to shut it off and the superintendent, who's a dickbag, laughs as he apologizes at the same time and says sorry. Good thing you signed that 2 year lease last week.
I don't get it! I've been running the AC for 3 days straight at full blast and im still sitting in ball-soup. Its like this place has Hot Apartment Syndrome or some crap.

I don't want to stay at your place tonight, your place has Hot Apartment Syndrome. It's like fucking Zimbabwe in there.
by TPBSpeedwagon August 11, 2010
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