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The most fucked up community college in New York City. The majority of students are wanna be black Hispanics and a bunch of black folks fresh off the boat from Africa. There's a big rumor that the majority of students in Hostos have AIDS due to the fact that they all sleep with each other. There's only a handful of whites and Asians in the campus and they all probably suffer from culture shock. If you plan on applying to a community college never apply to Hostos unless you want to waste 3-4 years of your life in a crappy Associate's degree that you could get in 2 years some where else where you could actually be taught by real professors and have a healthy student environment.
Ike: I freaking hate my life dude!
Mike: What happened?
Ike: Do you remember that community college I applied to?
Mike: Hostos Community College?
Ike: Yeah.....
Ike: that place is full blacks and Hispanics with only few white students.
Mike: is there any hot white girls?
Ike: No man!
Mike: damn dude you messed up!
by Britfag666 November 24, 2009
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