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A small town in wisconsin. Recreation consists of many fun activities, shootin deers, shootin other animals, fishin, trucks and mud, drinking, and other various activities. The high school is so high class, that it even has a parking lot for snowmobiles!
Also, incest is wincest!
by trucksandmud696969 November 12, 2011
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-a small town in Wisconsin
-full of trucks and rednecks
-drinking isn't a hobby or pass time, its a lifestyle
-a dip is something in your lip and not a bump in the road
-the high school parking lot is all jacked up truck and rusty fords
-half of the trucks were bought with daddies money
-the only things to do are hunt, fish and drive through the mud
In Hortonville, even downtown is in the country.
by trucksnmud2018 March 09, 2018
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