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This is the most dangerous and the toughest neighboorhood in Holland! It is located in Alphen a/d Rijn with a population of 80,000 inhabitants, and all are gangsters!

In this entire town, this one neighboorhood runs the rest of the town. This town has a monarchy and is ruled by a Persian Shah. In the ancient book of HPA it said that a Iranian boy would move to this town and take over the throne which was ruled by a red headed kid.

The town and neighboorhood are prosperous now under the leadership of the Persian Shah. But still, this remains one of the most dangerous hotspots in EUROPE.
Don't go on holiday there and if you do, respect the HPA ( Horsten Gang ) and treat them nicely or else they will get you killed!

And remember, Horstenbuurt is the most lethal neighboorhood of all Europe!

peace out
by sychophant October 06, 2006
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