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A guy who tries to be someone he isn't. Usually plays golf and acts like a high roller but really isn't. A person who is fat, slimy, greasy, and a fake. His face reflects one of a horse and tries to crack jokes that aren't funny at all. He is an overall red neck that plays golf, usually has no money, no wife(still more than 5 kids), and has no health insurance due to his drinking and smoking all day. He is a guy that also yells at his kids at every sporting event and attends it like its the super bowl. He is a redneck dick that yells and screams, drinks, smokes, and plays golf all day. Yet, can't afford health insurance
"God Mike plays golf all day but can't even afford health insurance"
"yeah he seems like a horschack to me"
by MikeisAHorse March 29, 2010
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