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350 milion years ago::
Hornyasaurus is one of the largest of the dinosaurs, feeding on leaves, Popsicles, and anything long and dick shaped.
Has a constanly itchy back that his tail just 'can't reach'.
Has a strange love for small, purple cars.
Banned from nine US states and wanted on child molestation charges.
In putt-putt travels through time, the Hornyasaurus tells Putt-Putt he can cross over his back only if he scratches his back. Putt-putt complies, and Hornyasaurus moans in a thankful manner. Hornyasaurus tells putt-putt:
"As far as i'm concerned, Putt-Putt, you can drive on me all day and all night."
by Elliot Krzr January 09, 2009
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