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(Origin:Ancient Greece)
Other names-Devil Horns, Sign of the horns, Voor, Horned Hand, Hook em horns, Karnana Mudra..etc.

1.A hand gesture people use that is most commonly linked to rock/metal music culture.Also known as "Devil Horns".(It is created by holding up the index and pinky, while holding your other two fingers down with your thumb).
2.A hand gesture that is known as the sign of Voor, in the Necronomicon.
3.A hand gesture used by Anton Lavey as a Satanic salute.
4.A hand gesture that is a symbol of infidelity in some cultures.
5.In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is hand gesture that is known as a symbol for dispelling evil/ warding off negetivity.
6.A hand gesture used in sporting events.

I saw him/her doing the Horns High at the concert.
by jjpuppy August 28, 2008
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