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A person who lives in a dreamy state of mind called Owl City,
which is a music project by Adam Young. HootOwls are fans of Owl City along with some of the other music projects by Adam Young. HootOwls have their own unique way of thinking. HootOwls tend to get along with each other, and HootOwls will tend to see owls and feathers everywhere. HootOwls are daydreamers and like romance. Some HootOwls have problems sleeping at night, and are introverts. Some HootOwls also have their own language
for example: "That concert was Owlsome!!!"
"I'am a proud HootOwl"
by NikkiOwl September 25, 2011
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A hardcore fangirl or fan of the popular American band Owl City.
Person 1: Dude, she bought all of Owl City's album's yesterday!

Person 2: Is she a hoot owl?

Person 1: I think so.
by imaginehowistouchthesky June 01, 2013
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