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The act of "zoning" a person out while in the middle of hearing the useless babble yapping coming out of their mouth. The endless verbal diarreah which keeps spewing out of their pie hole, it's all just a bunch of "Hoop Du Jour."

Can be used within several different other variations, when describing someone's incessant yapping, like "Hoop Du Jee," "Hoop Du Jye," "Hoop Du Joo," "Hoop Du Jaa."
"Whoa Ken, did you hear the big boss man Neven carrying on at this mornings staff meeting?"

Ken: "I zoned him out after Hello, the rest was just a bunch of Hoop Du Jour!!!"

Charlie Brown often tuned out his teacher's "Hoop Du Jour" while sitting in class, in this instance, the "Hoop Du Jour" instantly became "whaa, whaa, whaa...whaaa, whaa, whaa."

babbling verbal diarreah diarreah
by CalgaryIceman1 July 27, 2011
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