Hooking or grasping on to the rear bumper of a car or truck when the road is covered in snow and ice. The motorist often doesn't know the youth is squatted down behind the car hanging on to the rear bumper. The 'Hooky-Bobber' gets a free and dangerous ride. Hooky-Bobbing is mostly for a joy-ride, but can be a way to get home from school. The dangers include inhaling car exhaust, motorists traveling at high rates of speed. Rock,gravel,sand and sewer covers in the road that have melted the snow and/or ice resulting in the Hooky-Bobber to be tossed off the rear bumper. Also often times, mittens or gloves get stuck/frozen to the rear bumper.
"Dude! Look at the snow coming down! I can't wait for school to get out to go Hooky-Bobbing!"
by Raider Quinn October 21, 2007
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An Alaskan teenager activity which a sled is attached to the back of a truck and pulled around with somebody on the sled, often with the truck moving at high speeds. This is done over snow or ice. The act of Hooky-Bobbing is often accompanied by jumps, bumps, potholes, and snowbanks, off which the point is to go high up in the air or hold on as long as you can.
"Last night, since it snowed so much, me, Isaac, Gabe, and Jake went hooky-bobbing out the road. We nearly killed Isaac when he went over the birm!"
by Brian Keeney April 26, 2006
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