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A catchphrase and hand sign associated with the University of Texas, primarily with sporting events. The index and pinky finger are extended, pointing upward. The thumb is folded in front of the other two fingers. Sometimes the whole hand is moved in a forward and back movement.

Often, at sporting events, the team opposing the University of Texas will use the hand signal upside down to boo.
When Bevo, the mascot of the University of Texas, is paraded by, adoring fans gave him the Hook em Horns.
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University of Texas team sport where two players lock in with their erect penises and reverse thrust their pelvises until one or the other loses balance.
The crowd was silent as these two great champions met for one last match to decide it all. With their penises intertwined like mighty anacondas in love, both men had begun the final preparations before they got down to some serious hook'em horns business.
by d.c. sterner February 29, 2008
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A gay hand jesture that signifies supposedly a cow or bull. Signifies the Texas Longhorns(Also see Gay). Other schools turn this sigh upside down to signify there dislike towards Texas.
Many people go to Texas games and gives the texas fans the upside down Hook em Horns sign, while I prefer a finger that happens to be to the right of the ring finger and left of the index finger.
by Woooooooooo Pig SOOIE! July 17, 2006
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