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The only way to formally address the boys. Sure, you’ve heard of a dap or even the G-Lock, but until you’ve executed the perfect Hook and Shoot you and said boy are not boys after all. Initiated by a slap of the hands which slides into a G-Lock. After this, the index finger is ‘shot out’ to represent the shoot after the primary hook. The handshake is concluded with a sturdy dap and a snap for good measure. Popularized by ya boy big E.
Bro I don’t want to see any of that weak dap shit around here. Lemme show you the Hook and Shoot.
by EWeiss September 14, 2019
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The act of suddenly grabbing a good-looking person with a "hook" move on the dance floor and pulling this person to you while your friends quickly take a picture in the hope of improving your own Facebook status.
Duuuuuude, look at this chick I scored with last night!
Your friends:
No way man, you pulled a hook-and-shoot
by 6P April 21, 2008
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