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1) Driving around the hood while smoking marijuana. Normally this option is reserved 'til you don't have enough gas for a country run. Nearly identical to a country run in every way. Normally there is more care given to pig spotting, or looking for police officers. A common rule in the hood run is S.T.O.P. or Stop Toking On Pot (when stopped).
PERSON1: Wanna go on a country run?
PERSON2: No gas...
PERSON 1: What?? You're gay...!
PERSON2: Let's just do a hood run instead.
by Super__Villain February 11, 2010
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When a person goes to the hood to get their drugs. Then brings them back to the suburbs and sells them.

Or if none of your usual boys have weed, then you have to do a hood run to go pick some up.
Me and D were lookin' for some ganj, but we had to wait until Brent did a hood run and came back.

Stoner 1: We cant find any weed, so we may have to do a hood run.
Stoner 2: ::gulp:: okay, fine.
by stonerman D July 30, 2008
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