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Created by Scientist and College Professor Scott Joseph Hines sometime in the early 2000's(pronounced hawn-fft with emphasis on the fft)It refers to someone who gets angry easily and is easy to aggravate (therefore you could say he is "honmpfting out") this person may be violent and enraged. Generally a honmpfth is a bigger person but not overly big just a medium big.
Characteristics of a honmpfth include:
a strong disappreciation for family guy
a short temper
a red face
awkward conversationalist
manager at home depot
tendency to make strangesounds when hes mad
an overly agressive athlete
and much much more
origins of honmpth
ham->hank->hank hill->hampton->hamuel->hollywood humplick->honk->honmpfth
"brandon is such a Honmpfth"

"did you see the way that Honmpfth just looked at me?"

"ted and frank were in the mall and ted started trouble and the security guard Honmpfthed out on on him"
by Professor Hines January 29, 2009
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