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A super cute, sporty and fun car driven by many college females/males who love to take advantage of the spacious van like interior, especially when the back seats are folded down.
Guy: Hey, you wanna do a quickie?
Girl: Sure! We can do it in the back of my Honda Fit!
Guy: Okay!
by uscusctrojan4life June 21, 2011
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A hatchback subcompact car offered by Honda that has become very popular with gay men in America. This can largely be attributed to the advertising campaign "the fit is go" which featured still images of the car rotating around with rainbow backgrounds, bad 80's-style techno music and what sounds like a talking computer for an announcer. Some believe Honda purposefully targetted this audience for the vehicle.
Girl 1: Look at that guy, he must go to the gym a lot to stay that hot.
Girl 2: Yea but he's driving a Honda Fit.
Girl 1: Why are all the pretty men gay!?!
by Boss79 November 27, 2007
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