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A half-ass wannabe pickup truck made for gay men with penises the size of an infant's. The Honda Ridgeline is not made for off-roading or pulling heavy loads, like normal trucks. It looks like a crossover with a birth defect, and drives like shit. It's the truck for wimpy people without balls. One of the biggest wastes of $50,000 known to man.
Joe took his Honda Ridgeline off-road and boy that piece of shit fell apart. When he tried to take it through the mud, it got stuck and had to be pulled out by my badass lifted Ram 2500.
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by Thicc_doggo July 22, 2018
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the biggest peace of shit that people will spend 40 grand on.
My buddy took his honda ridgeline mudding , it was never seen again. Until i pulled it out with my bronco.
by KIngBronco November 17, 2016
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