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A small (2-seat), fuel efficient (60-100 MPG) gasoline-electric or HYBRID car; the first of its type on the market.
He drives a Honda Insight because he is an environmentalist.
by Echoboom September 28, 2003
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The Honda Insight was the first hybrid to be introduced to the USDM or North American Market. However, it was not the first hybrid vehicle. The Toyota Prius was the first hybrid vehicle but hit the streets of Japan before gracing us with it's presence in the USA.

The Honda Insight is a two sweater, tear-drop shaped vehicle, designed to achieve the most MPG than any other mass produced car. Honda began selling the Insight in the USA from 2000-2006 when it ended production. To this day, The Honda Insight remains to be the most fuel efficient vehicle in comparison to other hybrid vehicle's on the road today.

Today, the Honda Insight is a rare car. This car is bound to be a collector's item. In particular, the Citrus-Yellow 2000 Honda Insight will be the collector's item of choice. This rare car can be found at dealerships with unrealistic high asking price. Once all the collector's have bought every Insight to ever be on sale, this car's value will increase even more. Get one while you still can!

This is a reliable vehicle and is very aerodynamic 0.25 drag. The body is mostly made of aluminum and will not rust. The 2000 model only came in Manual Transmission but later models offered a CVT as an option.

Guy in GTO at gas station: "I have been riding side by side cross country next to that car and have never seen it stop at a gas station! I've had to stop several times to fill up and catch up to it but never seen it pull over to put in gas!"

Guy in STI at same gas station: "That's the "Honda Insight" that thing can do 60-100 miles to the gallon!"

Guy in Toyota Prius at same gas station: "MAN! that thing is ugly!"

by InsightLight July 01, 2011
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