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1) n. A misunderstanding of a spoken phrase in which the hearer interprets the phrase as a proper, but confusing and irrelevant English sentence. It is usually attributed to earwax buildup, but can frequently occur in noisy environments. 2) v. homulated, To intentionally substitute homophonically similar words in an effort to deceive the hearer.

Etymology: 'Homula' is believed to have itself been a homula of the phrase 'hotmail account', which homulated into the phrase 'homula count'. The latter soon came to be the current running tally of homulas encountered.
homula (n) - Here danger smell-ball is the homula

Speaker: "So did you get the part as the Danish Noble?"
Hearer: "What? Did I get a piece of the danger smell-ball?"

homula(v) - Here, Richard Gere homulated the phrase "peed my pants" into "Pirates of Penzance"

Julia Roberts: "It was so good I almost peed my pants."
Richard Gere: "She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance."
by Kark Pickering August 04, 2009
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